Application of novel sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm in clothing fabric

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sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm

sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm is a film made by rolling, casting, blowing and coating on the basis of TPU granules. Due to the particularity of the raw materials used, if the raincoat made of TPU is discarded and buried in the soil for 3-5 years, the sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm can be fully decomposed into hydrogen, oxygen and water through the soil microorganisms, without any pollution to nature.

The fabric use of clothing not only affects the appearance, life and quality of clothing, but also determines the impact of clothing on the environment, so the clothing design stage is crucial to the selection of fabrics.

Nowadays, people pay attention to the environment and environmental protection, and more and more clothing fabrics begin to choose environmental protection, degradation, recycling and other aspects. Close up on recycling. With the deepening of development, the textile industry has also appeared a lot of environmentally friendly functional fabrics, of which sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm is a more successful environmentally friendly fabric.

In addition, TPU products can also be recycled if they are not degraded, that is, turned into saliva, or used in products with lower molding performance requirements. Similarly, after the product is discarded, it can be completely degraded. Compared with PVC, EVA, butyl rubber and other plastic materials, TPU not only has environmental protection, non-toxic, mildew resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, biological compatibility and other excellent characteristics, but also in the resistance to tortuous tear, acid and alkali oil, aging oxidation and other fabric performance is also very excellent.

sublimation paper jumbo roll 35gsm