servo control wire cutting machine Which aspects are more important to purchase

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servo control wire cutting machine

After decades of development, servo control wire cutting machine has made great progress in cutting energy and CNC control system, cutting energy has been developed from a single flame energy cutting to a variety of energy (flame, plasma, laser, high pressure water jet) cutting methods; CNC cutting machine control system has been from the original simple function, complex programming and input mode, the degree of automation is not high to have a complete function, intelligent, graphic, network control mode; The drive system has also changed from step drive, analog servo drive to today's full digital servo drive.

In the few years since servo control wire cutting machine was put into the domestic market, hundreds of CNC cutting machine models have been formed according to different cutting types, cutting methods and cutting formats. As an enterprise just in contact with CNC cutting machine equipment, in the face of such a wide variety of models, It is often impossible to accurately choose the servo control wire cutting machine that suits its own processing needs. In addition, understanding the function of servo control wire cutting machine is also the basis for improving the use of equipment in the next step.

1, numerical control system: numerical control system as the core components of servo control wire cutting machine, its quality and function determine the cutting quality of the cutting machine and the stability of equipment operation. Xiaobian recommends that users buy CNC systems provided by manufacturers with technical research and development strength, and try to combine the original frame use;

2. Drive system and mode: servo control wire cutting machine drive system is divided into two categories of stepper drive and servo drive, from a practical point of view, considering that the CNC cutting machine is only as a preliminary processing equipment, the general choice of stepper motor can meet the requirements, in the drive mode, servo control wire cutting machine according to the different model structure, there can be bilateral drive and unilateral drive choice, in which the bilateral drive is mainly used in gantry CNC cutting machine, higher stability;

3, walking guide rail: servo control wire cutting machine walking guide rail according to the type of cutting machine will be different, the general gantry CNC cutting machine using walking guide rail 24KG light rail and 38KG heavy rail, in addition to some small format models can use T-rail; Like other models, you can also consider choosing linear guides.

servo control wire cutting machine